Chevallier was impressed by the technologies that he had seen in MRF from machineries, tyre breakdown, recycling process, rubber manufacturing to a whole rubber product. "What is commendable to see here is the transformation of waste into high quality products and it is all done here in Qatar and by Qatari factory," Chevallier added Mr. Chevallier had given his testimonial about the factory after finishing the tour & completing the visit. “The factory is clean, well-organized, professional & caring staff. It has the most developed ways of production & I’m impressed by the improved automatic machineries that minimize the risk of manpower & keep the manpower safe & in control.” Mr. Chevallier said.

Mr. Chevallier rated MRF 9.5 out of 10 & said “I would highly recommend MRF to friends to visit to see the beautiful quality products provided & get the impression that I had of the output efforts in the recycling industry in Qatar”. What Mr. Cheavllier liked the most is the products that keep children safe & minimize injury. He has spoken about the will & capacity to develop high quality products with international standards.

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