Modern Recycling factory (MRF), was founded in 2012, by the CEO, Akram Ibrahim. It is situated in the heart of the industrial zone over 20,000 square meters located in Messaied City, Qatar.

MRF, including the three lines of tyre recycling, produces 75 ton per hour of rubber crumps, steal, and shredder. MRF aims to be the premier provider of tyre recycled rubber products not just in Qatar but in the whole world. By recycling more than 1.5 million of the nation’s wasted tyres out of the current 35 million already sitting in several landscapes within Qatar that are filled with landfills, the factory transforms them into raw materials for smart, sustainable products that improve people’s lives, such as sport fields, running tracks, playground, buildings’ infrastructure and matting surfaces.

With Quality Business Consulting as a project management, innovative tools, technologies and processes from European technology, Modern Recycling Factory will become a revolutionary Qatari environmental friendly enterprise in the region and from wasted tyres to rubber products. The factory’s commitment in finding modern and better ways to REDUCE, RECYCLE and REUSE waste tyres, bridges the sustainability goals of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 in developing sustainable solution of managing the environment where there is a harmony between economic growth, social, and environmental development.

MRF makes the most efficient use of research and technology development qualities, wider and wholesome custom, and enhanced large-scale facilities. All acquired and strengthened as a result of the management integration, enabling us to proceed improving and developing our products in high-quality standards based on the American (ASTM), European (EN) and International (ISO) standards in various fields and several applications that will be a replacement of many resources such as walking paths and landscaping.

We develop expertise. Our machineries are European and Eco friendly with zero percent pollution following the international Standards.

ISO 9001:2015 The quality input comprises of standard requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and covers the functions performed by the organization to achieve product and service realization through process control.

ISO 14001:2015The environmental inputs comprises the standard requirements of ISO 14001:2015 to demonstrate a positive view of environmental issues and lessening impacts through controlled processes.

ISO OHSAS 18001:2007The health and safety management input meets the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 to enhance opportunities, control occupational risk and manage all health and safety requirements.

Our products are tested and accredited by certified laboratories globally, Intertek UK, TUV Nord Group, Kiwa Isa Sport, Labosport Italia, and SGS. We use TRIAX 2015 for surface impact system to test the impact of the fallen items on our products for safety and quality purposes. These assure to our client that we only offer highly quality goods that are par to the International safety standards. Ranging from ECOFEL, Rubber Tiles, Interlocking Pavers, Interlock Rubber Tiles, Rubber Sheet, steel, fiber and other customized rubber products. We ensure exceptionality and client satisfaction in all the craftsmanship we make.


Our vision is to become the most productive and efficient recycling factory, provide sustainable recycling solutions, viable products from recycled tyres that promote achieving an economic growth and a healthy environment.


To be Qatar’s environmental solution partner and a market leader in the recycling industry by implementing innovative technologies that enhance the environment, ensure public health, and economic vitality.


To be the premier provider of sport flooring, building infrastructure, playground, fitness and gym’s products not just in Qatar & the GCC but worldwide.


Our values define the philosophy of MRF and they reflect the best of our organizational character. We provide the highest training for MRF staff and we also tend to share our products’ examination with the most reliable international laboratory tests to reach an outstanding product quality. Since MRF includes the largest tire recycling lines that manufacture rubber crumps which gives the highest strength to our downstream technology to produce all kind of products under one roof. These values define us & our success.


We promote a positive work environment, invest in resources, reward loyalty to colleagues & stakeholders, & ensure the staff’s safety. We are also committed to developing our employees treating them fairly, equitably and with respect.


We hire the most professional experienced staff in the market and strive to develop and train our workforce frequently. We also help employees connect their work to the business plan and provide frequent, fair, direct and leadership coaching. The CEO and the research technology team tend to take place in worldwide exhibitions and conferences that are related to our technology.


Honesty - Trust – Integration is the way we operate.

We welcome diversity of ideas and cultures; encourage teamwork and treat our customers and staff manner fully and fairly. We are an inspired and driven team who respect each other and value our differences, recognizing that it is our diversity that creates innovation, promotes inclusivity and produces better outcomes for our customers’ needs.


We produce quality-safe products, and we tend to stand out by our process of production that makes us accepted globally. Decades of experience and continued research are the sources we use to achieve the state of art and creativity in our field. Where there is a demand for creative solutions and highly individual requirements, we create new approaches. Our products and its wide range of applications enable progress that is flexible, safe, and environment-friendly to the community.

Performance :

We deliver on commitments, welcome new challenges, accept responsibility and chase innovation. We celebrate our success, appreciate that work is part of a full and rewarding life. We take pride in knowing that our work positively affects our environment and the upcoming generations.

Professionalism :

We have multi-international employees, latest developed machineries, global experience in rubber recycling and rubber production. We are committed to a continuous improvement, which compels us to be progressive, to learn from both our successes and challenges and to be open to new ideas.


The factory aims to support the government initiatives as laid out in Qatar’s National Vision 2030 for their short and long-term objectives in regard to their environmental and waste reduction objectives.

Promote and encourage aggressive recycling efforts in line with the Qatari government and the global environment protection’s objectives of waste management and green environment.

Protect our environment by reducing the portion of wasted tyres.

Provide a comprehensive, cost effective, efficient and environmentally sound tyre recycling system.

Provide a comprehensive, cost effective, efficient and environmentally sound tyre recycling system.

Produce environment-friendly value-added finished products out of used tyres.

Ensure a sustainable and viable business that support our employees, shareholders and imprinting a legacy to the community and the world.


Employees with over 30 years of experience in the recycling field and rubber production. Transforming their knowledge into creativity and resourcing new methods of producing quality products that go up to 200%. Experienced professional employees that have worked internationally within the field of recycling and rubber production in Italy, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Romania, Venezuela, and the middle east as Technical Engineer, Production and Development Manager, Operation and Logistic Manager. Our staff is determined, persistent to accomplishments, motivated to increase knowledge, and ready to put in effort to create an outstanding and quality production that meet the global demand in rubber.

Chairman Message

Mr. Abdulla Salem Al Ali

Modern Recycling Factory specializes in recycling disposed tyres into rubber flooring products. We remain committed to provide you with the premier service at a cost-effective price.

We integrate appropriate environmental activities in all of our operations and strive for continual improvement by using our policy as a framework for establishing and reviewing clearly defined objectives and targets, which are communicated to our employees, stakeholders and other interested parties.

We are continually finding new ways to reuse and recycle scrap tires to stop them going to landfill areas. Recycling tyres is our commitment to the environment. This is the reason we are committed to a responsible recycling of disposed tyres. “We will achieve a healthy and safe environment that contributes in accomplishing the national vision of Qatar 2030 and the world environmental vision”.

Our people have never shied away from hard work or difficult tasks. We continue to believe that our variety of quality products, services and the value they add to our customers' businesses remain the fundamental elements of our continued success.

Abdullah Salim Al Ali