Cable clamp allows the head form to be released and locked at the desired height without the use of a ladder, or climbing on structures, and can cover the entire use zone. This is important in testing areas around swings where the use zone extends far beyond the frame of the swing.

Accurate and repeatable measurements require accurate fall heights, which are provided by Triax 2015 tripod. Using the standard set of legs fall heights of up to 12 feet can be accommodated, extending to 14 feet with an optional additional set of leg sections.

To further ensure accuracy and repeatability an electromagnet hold and release system prevents errors caused by operators manually dropping the head form, influencing the fall trajectory. This ensures that sequential drops are from the same height and to the same point on the surface.

Triax 2015 data unite is a dedicated hand-held data unit connects wirelessly to the head form, collects and stores up to 1000 drop tests on a standard memory card. Use of a dedicated device provides data integrity and eliminates the need to download, install and configure applications. Furthermore, a dedicated hand-held unit guarantees continued successful operation of the Triax 2015 system long after current crop of cellular phones and tablets long since been discarded.

MRF has established its very own quality control laboratory that is designated to produce the best well-trained quality control personnel. As we have the Triax 2015 Impact Attenuation System as one of our mains, our clients are assured that they are purchasing exceptional safe products that meet their demands.

Our Engineers have been trained and certified by Playground Clearing House, Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. They have passed the training program for the use of the TRIAX 2015 Surface Impact Tester in compliance with standards: CEN EN1177, Impact attenuating playground surfacing – determination of critical fall height. They are now qualified to operate Triax2015 Impact Tester on our products.